Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busted- Occupy St Louis Protesters Caught Lying About The TEA Party.

At this point I'm out numbered and the crowd is getting physical I decided to leave shortly there after.


  1. Nice editing. How much does the Right Wing pay you to smear and slander others, troll?

  2. The right wing pays for that? I have been smearing and slandering stupid,dirty,filthy,lazy,rich,white,pinko,commie hippies for years, wheres my check?

  3. How you call someone a troll while spamming their blog anonymously beyond me.

    BTW.. 'anonymous' doesn't hide the IP you commented from.

    All eyes on you.

  4. one whole edit. I guess Im Goebbels

  5. What a group of idiots. Everyone in the country knows that Obama pictures with Hitler mustaches have been spotted frequently at Tea Party rallies.

    The amateur interviewer here is obviously a glory-seeking, arrogant publicity hound.


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