Saturday, August 13, 2011

VIDEO- Leftist Protesters Attack Female Blogger Ann Althouse in Wisconsin.

Ann Althouse: In the middle of the screen, at 3:38, in the red "fist" T-shirt and holding a heart-shaped balloon, is the man who pointed me out in the rotunda yesterday and who (apparently) participated in the comments yesterday under the pseudonym "Dirty Hippie." He talks to the attacker just before the attacker yells "You're socially retarded" and attacks me. The attack is at 3:58, off camera. Meade yells "hey" a few times and gets the incident framed. At 4:00, you see Chris detaching that man's hands from me. At 4:04, I yell "police" and the 2 men mock me, yelling "police!" in their girlie voice. At 7:12, the talkative guy tells the police what "transpired." He clearly states that the other man grabbed my camera (and portrays himself as the peacemaker).

Another attempt by lefties to violently edit video.
Here's another angle.


  1. I've always found it amazing how undemocratic these people are. They're losing in the arena od ideas, their ideology is proving to be a failure here as it has everywhere else it's been tried and they are being rejected at every turn. In short, they are losing and they can't take it. The problem with them is that when all else fails they turn to violent actions, shout downs and intimidation. They will become even more unhinged as the the Obama presidency fails at every turn. They WILL become violent and blame everyone else for the failure of their religion of leftism.

  2. Ann Outhouse is a faux Conservative. Too bad someone didn't shoot her.

  3. Did that cop just say that if someone tries to grab your camera from you that you have to let them have it and call the police or you will be arrested for disorderly conduct?


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