Thursday, January 12, 2012

AND? US Investigates Video Of Marines Allegedy Urinating On Taliban Corpses.

Oh, I'm sorry am I supposed to give a sh*t?

Aren't these the same animals cut the heads off of live hostages?


  1. As long as they were not face toward Mecca or is that the real problemn? Damn Militay and PC.

  2. We are supposed to be better than those animals the Taliban or Al-queda. Has these types of things happened in the past? Probably. The problem is it was videotaped and shown to the World.

    1. We are better than the koranimals. Have we beheaded a live one? Have we shredded and burned their corpses and hung them from a bridge? Oh, yeah they videotaped what they did too. How many women did we throw acid on, cut off their nose, blinded and stoned? Hmm? How many? How many children have we raped and tortured in the barracks?

      FUCK the koranimals and the liberal shit stains that support them.


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