Monday, October 10, 2011

OUTRAGE- Occupy St. Louis Protesters Belittle Cardinals' Historic PlayOff Run - Refer to Celebrating Fans as Invaders.

Note to Occupy St Louis Squatters. You're the invaders.

We have been celebrating and meeting as Cardinal fans in Kiener Plaza for decades.

These smelly, dirty hippies squat there for 9 days and they think they own the place.

The gall to call celebrating Cardinal Fans "Invaders" in Kiener Plaza of all places!!

"Um, so Yesterday...I guess ...the Cardinals' won a game they're coming here for.....something........some National something."


  1. 20 days? I guess that's as clsoe to facts as you get, eh Adam? Oh yeah, I forgot, Facts are supposed to scare us on the 'left', correct?

    OSL started as a march on the Federal Reserve on 10/01. It's now the 10th.

    Guess you snoozed in Math so you'd stay awake during your editing section of AV. Or was it just your public school education acting up again?

    Oh yeah, unless you had your helicopter pilot drop you at Lambert and then your driver took you downtown, you're a member of the 99% too.

    Your video versions of mic drops are humorous, keep them coming. Unless you're too busy chasing UMSL professors, that it. By all means, please continue your persuits.

  2. Kiener Plaza is not yours you idiots assholes. The Cards, Blues and Rams have always had rallies there , but mostly without smelly hippies polluting the place

  3. oh thanx for the correction I knew they were giving themselves too much credit

  4. {faceplam} If I was their parents, I would demand a full refund on their education, that's for sure. Not for the fact that they are ignorant of the Cardinal's play-offs, but for the fact they are not protesting the root cause of the mess we are in, and their speech (they talk like freshmen in high school). I am sure their parents are glad the video was so unclear.
    I am wondering how they would be able to protest without the big, evil rich businesses that create the products and tools that they are using to protest with? The companies who continue to use their profits to hire all those people involved to run the company and make the products (and all the indirect businesses that they also pay for their logistics, communication needs, payroll, insurance, etc).
    BTW - I am of the 53% that actually pay taxes to fund yet another bailout or stimulus of Obama's cronies, and to pay for all the people that do not pay taxes. I am also unemployed; our family of 5 is barely getting by on my husband's paycheck, but we refuse to teach our children to cry and whine about their circumstances. You dust your pants off, be responsible for your own decisions and keep at it. Life really sucks sometimes. Move on.
    PS I am still paying off my college loans. No one forced me to a go to College which charged a certain tuition which I was not blind to.
    I did not sign loan papers at gun point.
    Furthermore, just because I am unemployed does not take away my financial responsibilities.

  5. "Furthermore, just because I am unemployed does not take away my financial responsibilities."
    You are a turnip with blood?

  6. Occupy St. CAN vote, can't you?
    You CAN get that together, can't you...ELSEWHERE?
    Get the heck out of our city.

  7. Can't the celebrating Cardinal fans get a bunch of those miniature souvenir bats they sell at the stadium and do a little, shall we say, "batting practice"? Just sayin'...


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