Monday, November 1, 2010

Russ Carnahan's Last Minute Flyer Stinks of Desperation.

Would just like to thank Russ Carnahan for putting up such a great flyer for the tea party. Basically, the flyer says, "The tea party is going to win by a lot, so make sure you vote so they do not win by as much!" Note the hundreds of thousands of people in the middle photo at the Restoring Honor Rally; it may be the best picture I've seen (the Lincoln Memorial is way off in the distance). And how can you go wrong with an attractive picture of Sarah Palin.

Make sure you call Russ for a ride to the polls, too. He is offering, so why not?


  1. You tell people to "be nice!" when commenting - on a post calling for middle-school mentality tactics aimed at voter suppression? Wow. That's all kinds of classy.

    Really?? This is what you have to stoop to? How sad.

  2. Why be nice or play fair ?

    The Carnahan Clan has only one rule in their playbook; WIN

    Disinformation, misdirection, and embellishment of fabrications, are their only ‘truths’ available since their father died.

  3. Russ is offering a ride what's wrong with taking a free ride. Vote is secret after all.


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