Thursday, November 11, 2010

Media Deception: Reporter Misrepresents Image From ANTI-Racist Tea Party Video.

They're at it again. Using this image of a Tea Party crasher in an attempt to paint the Tea Party as racist.
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The problem is that the image comes from the below video in which the crasher is ridiculed and told to leave the rally. Racism is not tolerated at Tea Party events.

Note to Chris Hedges. Think Progress already tried this (as noted by Glenn Beck in the following video). Maybe do some homework and come up with an original lie.

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  1. When was it proven this guy was a crasher? Yes I see he was confronted. But he showed up there and I believe he is sincere. He went to an event where he felt comfortable sharing his radical views. He wouldn't have showed up at one of Sharpton's rallies in the same manner.


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