Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calling Out The Fakes Part One: St Louis TEA Party 9-12-10.


  1. It occurred to me as these folks were leaving that I was in charge of a donation "jar" for awhile at the south/west entrance by the arch. I should have hit them up, being that they are obviously philanthropists ...

  2. I got to see them walking through in front of the stage. StL TPP did great. The crowed howled it was so funny and so perfect how it was handled. Thank you sharpelbow and StL TPP

    (Tea Party of Nemaha County) Nebraska...

  3. Billionaires for Blunt...... Funny shit. these guys were a hoot. But a bout blunt though..He has taken a lot of money from lobbyist. He even dumped his wife of thirty five years to shack up with a tobacco lobbyist. And he led the charge for TARP in the House...


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