Friday, May 14, 2010

Veterans Go After Phil Hare With Billboards.

Hare's voting record proves that The Constitution doesn't matter to him. But on April 1, 2010 I actually got him to admit it. He's Been in a world of hurt ever since.
Now, the ones who have who have risked their lives to defend the Constitution are voicing thier displeasure with Hare via these billboards.

Learn more about Phil Hare's Opponent Bobby Schilling Here.


  1. Bobby is my guy and he is going to win this race. Phil Hare is a loser and has been for years. Time to say bye-bye Phil.
    At a town hall in Aug he said "I would rather lose my seat then not vote for the health care bill", my response to his statement to my question, "Good then you will not mind when we vote you out of office and the good thing for you is you will still have a nice retirement on our dime." I will be so glad to see him gone.

  2. Thanks for posting our billboard. Our group designed the billboard and paid for it our of donations from average citizens and veterans who are tired of Phil Hare and the liberals destroying this country.

    The really interesting aspect to the billboard is that it was the brain-child of Bill Albracht who was Hare's CO while Hare was in the Army Reserves. Hare, by the way, joined the reserved to avoid service ion Vietnam. Bill on the other hand was a Green Beret Capt. in Vietnam.

    We're also in the process of putting up more billboards throughout the district, as well as a You Tube interview with Capt. Albracht. Please feel free to donate for the cause.

    If anyone knows how we can get in touch with Adam Sharpe, would you please contact us at

    Thank you
    Ken Moffett
    Veterans for Schilling


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