Saturday, May 15, 2010

Claire Bear Laments That Missourians' "Stubbornly Hold on to Independence"

via P/Oed Patriot

You're gonna find out just how stubborned we can be come election time Claire.


  1. DAMN, the be nice thingy...OK, Clair, You ask us to fill out little notes to give to you like my teachers did in kindergarten. You kept saying SHUSH like my teachers did in kindergarten! I kept filling out those kindergarten notes & I guess the person I gave them to LOST them before you received them! Well, Clair, YOU get the dunce hat & go stand in the corner! (hey, thats nice!)
    You refused to allow us to speak out loud & you "selectively" chose the notes to read & acted like you answered all.
    You look down on us as a bunch of idiots! You cannot remain in office! If you have anything to say about that6, send me a sticky note!

  2. Constitution Party?
    She is looking in the wrong direction!

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  4. Wow!!! she is so out of touch with mainstream America......she needs to GO in November!!!!! Vote her OUT!!! She makes "independence" seem like a bad word.....the only bad word is "Claire McCaskill"


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