Sunday, February 7, 2010

Media Attacks Palin For Making Notes On Her Hand.

She wrote on her hand?!?! She's a witch!! BURN THE WITCH!!!
Nevermind that Obama can't even speak to HIS OWN STAFF without a teleprompter.

Hell, he cant even talk to 6th graders with out it.

But Sarah Palin is the idiot?


  1. You can't really be a big enough shit head to think that Palin's level of intellect approaches that of Obama. It's a stupid argument. Notice Obama doesn't try to hide his teleprompter and Palin tries to be sneaky like a 2nd grader cheating on a spelling test.

  2. No one ever says anything about all the quarterbacks in football with plays written on their wrists. So, if you are a conservative female you can't write on your hand?? Get real

  3. Maybe it was her itinerary, her grocery list or any number of things that many of us "regular" folks make notes about. But, I DOUBT that it was the correct pronunciation of corpsman! The teleprompter spelled it correctly - but our Commander in Chief just isn't in touch with our military enough to know how to say it. That was my gaff laugh for the week!


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